Below are the forms we will need for your first visit.

  • New Patient Intake and Consent Form (Required)
  • Medical Records Release Form – Allows us to request your Medical Records from your other physicians.
  • Patient DHHS Form – Required to be submitted to Maine DHHS for Legal Certification

New Patient Intake and Consent Form

Integr8 Mass Intake & ConsentĀ 
Size : 327.375 Kb
Type : pdf

Medical Records Release Form

*Chronic Pain Referral Letter – If your practitioner is supportive of your decision to use medical marijuana, they may be willing to complete this form, which will streamline the process.

Medical Records Release 12 months Integr8 Mass
Size : 92.887 Kb
Type : pdf

Massachusetts State Medical Marijuana Laws

Massachusetts CMR 150 Department of Public Health
Size : 93.521 Kb
Type : pdf

HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices

Integr8 Mass Privacy PoliciesĀ 
Size : 93.521 Kb
Type : pdf