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April 14, 2014

Dear Patients and Friends,

I am calling you to action. Now is the time to demand that the Obama Administration remove marijuana (cannabis) from the Controlled Substance Act.

As a physician, I have seen thousands of […]

Epilepsy Foundation has recognized marijuana as epilepsy treatment

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The Epilepsy Foundation has recognized medical marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy, calling for better access to the drug and more research into its possibilities.

“The Epilepsy Foundation supports the rights of patients and families living with […]

Growing pains for medical marijuana in MA

Dispensaries are supposed to open in August but will this really happen?  This news video highlights some of the growing pains that MA’s medical marijuana program is facing.

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Mothers are a powerful lobby for medical marijuana


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Empowered by stories circulated through social media and the news about children suffering from seizure disorders who have been successfully treated with cannabis, mothers have become a strong force in the medical marijuana movement.  

Study claims that medical cannabis may reduce suicide rates

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The study, co-written by professors from Montana State, San Diego State, and the University of Colorado at Denver, analyzed 17 years worth of statistics in search of shifts in suicide rates per 10,000 people in […]

Medical Cannabis- Which delivery system is right for you?

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We recommend you consult with a trained and experienced physician to receive personalized recommendations on delivery systems for your condition and to prevent any major interactions you may have with your current medications. Integr8’s Cannabinoid Sensitization […]

What soda does to your body




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Heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity and more.  An infographic showing what soda does to your body.


Integr8 Massachusetts Featured in the Boston Globe

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Integr8 Massachusetts was featured in the Boston Globe this weekend.  Our certifications include: free acupuncture, free patient education (including personal consultations with experts, patient guides, workshops and videos), free legal services and discounts on […]

Which cannabis strain works best for your condition?

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There are hundreds of varieties of medical cannabis, each with slightly different medicinal effects.  Finding the right medicine will likely require trying out a number of varieties, but the […]

Why Marinol is less effective than Cannabis.

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While science has not yet shown the exact role or mechanism for all these various compounds, evidence is mounting that these compounds work better together than in isolation: That is the “entourage effect.”

Take the case […]