Hong Truong, DO

Medical Director at Integr8 Massachusetts

Hong Truong, DO
Hong Truong, DOMedical Director of Integr8 Massachusetts

Dr. Truong attended the University of Virginia, earning a BA in Psychology in 2004.  Dr. Truong went on to attend the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine followed by Family Residence at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City, NY.  During his intern year, Dr. Truong was awarded the Osteopathic Intern of the year.  He later moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts to pursue an Integrative medicine fellowship where he learned about hypnosis, group visits, functional medicine, and refined his skills in osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture.  

After completing his fellowship, he discovered that all the skills and knowledge he obtained was a good fit in the world of addiction medicine.  Now an advocate of the empowerment model, he is rewarded when he sees patients take initiative in making decisions for their own recovery.  Dr. Truong applies the concepts of functional medicine to educate patients that their healing needs can be met with the most basic level of diet and nutrition. 

Certifications and Courses Completed:

  • American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians
  • Outpatient Opioid Dependence Treatment Certified
  • Introductory Hypnosis
  • Essentials of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Helms Medical Acupuncture for Physicians
  • Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy Certified

Dustin Sulak, DO

Director of Education for Integr8 Massachusetts and Chief Medical Director at Integr8 Health

Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO
Dr. Dustin Sulak, DOChief Medical Director of Integr8 Maine

Dustin Sulak, DO is a licensed osteopathic physician. He is a practitioner and advocate of integrative medicine, the intelligent combination of conventional and alternative approaches to healthcare. He has long been fascinated by mind-body medicine, spirituality in healthcare, and natural approaches to promoting health and healing. He is a clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Sensei, practioner of chi kung and yoga, and has studied with numerous convention and alternative healers and physicians.

Dr. Sulak holds the distinction of being a Diplomat of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. He lectures on medical marijuana and the endocannabinoid system nationally. He is an advocate for medical marijuana and has been impressed by the excellent clinical responses he’s seen in medical marijuana patients. He is enthusiastic about educating patients on the optimal uses of medical marijuana, and educating healthcare providers who may be misinformed about this safe and incredibly effective medicine.

Dr. Sulak has assembled a team of like-minded healthcare practitioners to help provide high quality integrative medicine consultations and medical marijuana evaluations.

Dr. Sulak’s Credentials:

  • Doctor of Osteopathy – Licensed General Practitioner
  • Reiki Sensei
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Dr. Sulak is a graduate of Indiana University and the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dan Einstein, MD

Dan Einstein, M.D.
Dan Einstein, M.D.

Holistic Family Medicine

I am a board certified family physician that provides the care you’d expect at a regular doctor’s office. I see children, adults, and help with prenatal care. I will order labs, x-rays, and prescribe medication as appropriate in each case. In this role, I see myself as an educator: I’ll explain your treatment options, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

Plant Energy Medicine

Herbal medicine is what is closest to my heart. I work with plants in the form of tinctures and teas with the goal of guiding people through their journey here on earth. Disease can be an opportunity for spiritual growth. When that growth is achieved, the symptoms often go away. My work is a mix of using herbs to ease symptoms, and on a spiritual level to help guide a person’s life journey.

Integrative Medicine

In addition to Family Medicine am board certified in Integrative/Holistic Medicine. This is the overlap between the conventional and holistic worlds. I have received training in personalized nutrition and exercise, vitamins and supplements, and guiding lifestyle change. These are all therapeutic forms that are accepted by conventional medicine, just not taught in most medical schools. I also have a good sense of how the treatments in holistic medicine interact with conventional treatments, so I can be a resource for people who want to work in both worlds.

Anthroposophical Medicine

This was style of medicine was pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, who also founded Biodynamic agriculture and Waldorf education. Disease is seen as an imbalance between the different energies of the body. Similar to the Plant Energy Medicine, rebalancing these energies is an important part of why a soul embodies as a human. Treatments come in the form of special preparations of plants or minerals. I am still in training with this, and expect to be certified in 2016.


Herbal Certificate-Blue Otter School of Medicine-2003

MD-Case Western Reserve University-2008

Family Medicine Residency-Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency-2011

Integrative Medicine (ABIHM) Board Certification-2013

Eva Connelly, NP

Eva Connelly, NP
Eva Connelly, NP

Eva is a board certified Nurse Practitioner, whose exposure to conventional medicine has convinced her that Western medicine may not be able to meet the needs of all patients. She began incorporating non-western therapies into her personal family life when her children were born, over eighteen years ago, and is now well-practiced in the integrative model of medicine.

Eva doesn’t believe in simply treating symptoms–she believes that it is most important to promote high level health and resistance to disease by implementing natural methods, in order to restore an optimal physiologic balance. She emphasizes whole foods, exercise, mental balance, and taking charge of one’s own health and well being.

She understands the importance of a therapeutic relationship between patients and practitioners, and believes that listening can be one of the most powerful tools available to practitioners.

She is a graduate of Boston College, and is currently working to get a certificate in Functional Medicine. She loves to travel, enjoys hiking, reading and learning about new natural health modalities.

Dale Buckman, NP

Dale Buckman, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC, LMT-BC
Dale Buckman, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC, LMT-BC

Dale Buckman is a board-certified nurse practitioner who embodies a functional and lifestyle approach to health and well-being. She emphasizes nutrition and lifestyle changes as it relates to our ability to bring our bodies back into homeostasis resulting in a more balanced pathway to wellness. She sees her patients as biopsychosocial spiritual beings and lives her life in accordance with these principals.

After working in internal medicine, Dale saw that many patients did not fit into the traditional treatment model or were offered pharmaceuticals when lifestyle interventions would have been the more appropriate route. She believes patients deserve to be equal partners in their quest to reach optimal health, and that a person’s day-to-day life choices and habits are crucial to success. From her many years of health coaching she has found there is no substitute for having in-depth conversations with patients about their health concerns, challenges and goals. Often small adjustments in diet and lifestyle result in fewer medications and a higher quality of life.

Dale is a graduate of Boston College where she earned academic excellence being inducted into the international honor society of nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. She has practiced as a board-certified massage therapist and Reiki master for the past 15 years and uses her skills as an energy healer to connect with patients on a more spiritual level.

When she is not seeing her patients she is outdoors enjoying nature with her two dogs, Lucie and Grace or exploring the waterways with captain Rich.



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