Important Notice to Patients

Dear Valued Patients of Integr8 Massachusetts:

As of August 22, 2017, after 4 years of caring for and treating all of our patients, Integr8 Massachusetts will no longer provide medical care or cannabis certifications for patients in Massachusetts.

All patients with current certifications from Integr8 Massachusetts providers will remain valid until the expiration date. Dr. Truong and Dr. Trubow will continue to provide you the same ongoing care at the same location which is now managed by our colleagues at Canna Care Docs at 101 Cambridge Street, Suite 310, Burlington, MA 01803.

After owning Integr8 Mass and acting as medical director for 3 years, my family and career path have led me back to Maine, where I am now practicing holistic family medicine. I’ve diligently explored all options for transitioning the organization into capable hands and ensuring continuity of care for our patients. I’m confident that Canna Care Docs will provide compassionate follow up care to the current patients of Integr8 Massachusetts in the same familiar location. Our pediatric patients and others who require closer monitoring and guidance will be able to continue seeing Dr. Truong for ongoing care. I’m excited for to work with Canna Care Docs to further our mutual goals of ensuring all patients have access to medical cannabis, providing high quality education, and most of all, helping patients improve their health and quality of life.

“As the Director of Education of Integr8 Massachusetts and the founder of its sister practice, Integr8 Health in Maine, I am pleased to announce that Canna Care Docs will take over the Burlington practice location, allowing our team at to focus on collaborating with Massachusetts’s dispensaries to help serve patients with higher quality, standardized cannabis formulations.” Dr. Dustin Sulak

Important Information for you during the transition:

1. Any current and valid medical marijuana certifications from Integr8 Massachusetts doctors for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont or Maine will continue to be valid until the expiration date. Your certifying physician will continue to be available at Canna Care Docs at the current location at 101 Cambridge Street, suite 310 Burlington, MA.

2. You may schedule your next appointment to see Dr. Truong or Dr. Trubow in the same location at Canna Care Docs, Burlington MA. The phone number and address will remain the same at 781-328-4488.

3. Canna Care Docs has become the legal custodian of Integr8 Massachusetts medical records. They may only access your medical records with a signed written release requesting the transfer of your records from Integr8 Massachusetts to a Canna Care Docs Doctor or to another provider. All of your medical records from Integr8 Massachusetts will be securely maintained for 7 years from your last visit date.

4. You can access a medical records release form here and/or send a medical record release to 888-204-0053.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. In the near future you can look forward to Healer’s cannabis formulations available in the Massachusetts dispensaries.

Much wellness to all!
Integr8 Massachusetts
Dr. Dan Einstein

Next Steps: Patient Education

Medical Records Release For Transfer